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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emotional Disorder..

It's been a while since I wrote here. Well, I would say that this semester is so hectic. Lots of assignments, quizzes and projects. Yeah I know it's a normal thing and now, it's time for final exam. Just finished with my second paper just now so, another 3 papers left. It's normal to be depressed at this moment plus, I've allergic all over my face right now and it such a discomfort for me because of the itchiness and such. I've to sit for exam while having such condition and it such a mess. I feel like I can't think properly while answering the questions and I feel really bad when people started to ask 'what happened?'. I just had enough. I'm trying my best for not to over-think about the condition I'm having right now but I just can't. It's been 2 weeks already but it seems like the medicines are not helping much. Perhaps, I need to refer to skin specialist but I need to wait till I go back to my hometown. Hmm another 10 days to go and I just can't wait to end this semester. Owh how I miss my family, my cats...=(

The medicines

Last night, my mom called just want to check whether I'm ok or not:
Mak: Muka da ok ke blm?
Me: Tak pun..camtu la jugak..
Mak: Ambik masa jugak kot ubat tu..
Me: Emm tak tau la..semua tego muka org teruk time exam semalam..=(
Mak: Sabar je la..biar la kt org nk ckp ape pn jgn kesah sgt..
Me: Sedih laa.. (start nangis)
Mak: Kak long tak cukup tido kot dgn stress sgt ni..
Me: Sebelum ni pn stress jgk tp tak teruk camni pn..dah la makan pn pantang hari2 makan kentang n sayur je..
Mak: Laa..minum la susu bg tenaga sikit..
Me: Minum susu nanti ngantok tak boleh study..
Mak: Minum la milo..
Me: Milo pn susu jugak nanti ngantok..sekarang hari2 minum nescafe..
Mak: Laa kenapa minum nescafe?
Me: Sebab tak nak bagi ngantok..dah la tak sedap paksa minum jugak..
Mak: Hehe..(gelak kecil)
Me: Emmm..
Mak: Nanti ok la tu makan ubat tu sampai habis jgn pikir sgt pasal muka..
Me: Kalau tak ok jugak nanti org nk p specialist la..
Mak: Ikut la tengok dlu mcm mana nanti lpas habis ubat tu..k la p sambung study esok nak exam kn?
Me: Em ok2 mak doakn org taw?
Mak: Insyaallah mak doa..salam..
30/12/11, 9.02 p.m.

It's such a relief after talking to my mom even though deep down inside I still feel the sadness. Whatever it is, I must be strong since I've 3 more papers waiting for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who keep on giving me strength when I was down, you know who you are right? Thanks a lot!! <3

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