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Thursday, February 17, 2011

25 Random Things About Me..

Well, this is the reply entry since I've been tagged on Safarina's post. 25 is quite a lot dear but never mind I'll try. Maybe some u've already know and some u may not know. Ok, let's start..

1. My name is a combination of my parents' names. Ayn Nur
Azhana is derived from Ana N Azhar. My siblings also got the same ANA. So sweeettt la mak n ayah..

2. I'm the first child in the family. I have 3 siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother.

3. I'm the shortest in the family *sigh*

4. Very sensitive person. I can cry easily.

5. An easygoing person. Once u know me u'll know.

6. I've always had a weird fear of cockroaches. I'll scream out loud if it shows up in front of me.

7. I'm wearing braces and it's almost 3 months already.

8. I love cats so much and I have 8 cats at home.

9. I do eat a lot but it takes a long time for me to finish it all.

10. I love pink color. I was dreaming of having a car that has pink accessories inside hehe..

11. I like everything that has Hello Kitty images. They're soo cute that I can't resist.
Ouchh this is sooo cuuutee!

12. I used to have nail-biting-habit but now I've quit even though it's very hard.

13. I used to have bad pimples all over my face.

14. I'm using two mobile phones. One for Celcom and the other one is for Maxis.

15. Currently, I'm doing majoring in Computer Science at IIUM.

16. I enjoy cooking for my family.

17. I can't sleep if the light is still on.

18. My handwriting is like bulat-bulat. I always get compliment for that hehe..

19. I wanna become a secondary school teacher someday.

20. I've gained my weight back to normal after experiencing weight loss.

21. I love going on vacation with my family and friends.

22. I love listening to music before going to sleep.

23. Easy to wake up especially when I heard something and it's hard to sleep again.

24. I always do the last minute study.

25. I spent most of my time in my room rather than go out.

Ok, that's 25 things that u may know or u may not know about me. How bout yours?? =)


Anonymous said...


Ayn Nur Azhana said...

keturunan haha..

Anonymous said...

alasan haha

Ayn Nur Azhana said...

btl laa..nsb bek da bnti..

Anonymous said...

aha ok2..ikt spe je nail-biting?

Ayn Nur Azhana said...

spe lg ayh la aha..

Anonymous said...

mst bulat cm ayh jgk pasni haha..

Ayn Nur Azhana said...

ee xlaa..

PutraRocker said...