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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm not an ACTRESS!!

Seriously, I've no talent in acting at all. I would laugh in front of the camera easily haha. However, I've to do so in order to make a multimedia presentation for one of my courses, Ethics and Fiqh for everyday life(UNGS 2050). Well, it's not about acting so much, it's more to multimedia presentation just like power point slides. But, to make it more attractive my friends and I acted in some scenes that will be included in the video. It was the last minute effort from us since we've been given the assignment last month(normal la kan).

Overall, we were satisfied with the last minute work even though we had overlooked for some typos and grammatical errors but they're not too obvious. Lastly, I'd like to thank my groupmate for giving their cooperation throughout the video making process. Here is the video, sorry for the bad quality because I've converted the file to 3GP format to make it smaller in size. As you can see, I just smile all the time hehe. Hopefully, we'll get a good mark for this video..=)


asyraf amin said...

agree!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha..

Ayn Nur Azhana said...

haha totally agree!!

jaya jr said...

4 orang je anak murid..kompem susah nk ponteng..hahaha

Ayn Nur Azhana said...

agak laa..haha..