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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The new semester begins...

It has been awhile since I wrote here. I'm not updating for about a year haha. Well, I prefer to read others' blog rather than updating mine. I would say that this semester is the hectic semester since I'm a second year student and also started doing majoring in Computer Science. It is tough for me as I need to cope with my studies and also with society that I joined. It's ok Ayn, juz take it easy and everything will be fine (ayat menyedapkan hati aha).. =D

Today is a holiday bcoz Hindus are celebrating Thaipusam. I juz can't wait to go home next week yeehaa! But first, I need to finish up all of the assignments given and all is due on this coming Wednesday. Plus, I'll be having DSA midterm exam and Statistics quiz on the same day and I was like, WHY THIS WEDNESDAY AND NOT ANOTHER DAY???? =( But what to do, I'm a student so I have to go through all this no matter what. Pray for my best guys.

Recently, I've been using Skype to make video call with my family at home and seriously it was great! I can even see my cutey cats on my lappy screen hehe. I think it is a good tool for a homesick person like me even though the video quality is not that good but it is more than enough bcoz it's FOC. Ok, its time for lunch! Will be updated soon insyaallah, XoXo..

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