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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first 3 weeks in IIUM Gombak..

Alhamdulillah everything was juz fine..my friends & i had gone thru d Ta'aruf week(orientation week)successfully even though it was a tiring week ever seriously..n d worst part is my room is on d 5th floor(d highest level of the blog)..oo gosh! But once i entered to my room i was like, WOW!!! so, this is my room..it's much2 better than d previous one while in CFS PJ..now i have my own compartment..i have my own wardrobe,study table n single bed..my family helped me a lot by bringing my-whole-room-stuffs to my new room..spcial thx 2 mak,ayah,ariff&azhani..however, amanina cudn't make it as she's having her SPM exam..she's sitting for Science n PSV paper on dat day if im not mistaken..anywayz, she has finished her exam n waiting for a job-call..hopefully, she'll get d bez one n get a gud paid so she can treat me once im back hehe..

On d following week, my classes started as scheduled but some has been canceled..on the nite before, my friends & i struggling to find the classes n it's so tiring as we're all hungry yet we managed to find those classes..=) I've spent a lot of money for d expensive text books & also for food..i do eat a lot n i dunno y i cant control diz eating habit..n one more thing dat make me feel upset lately is im having a problem wit my face since i need to walk to the classes everyday under d hot sun till my face become a lil bit burnt n pimples r also started to grow..owh NOOOO!!! shud i go n c d doc again like what i did when i was in form 4?? Emm nvm..i juz need some times to adapt wit this new environment..hopefully everything will b juz fine..ok guys i think diz is all i wanted to share wit u..salam..=)

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